UAMS Medical Center 

The UAMS Medical Center provides a well-rounded training experience for all our residents with a diverse patient population in the outpatient clinics and in the inpatient consult setting with strong faculty involvement. Procedural dermatology clinics were added to our training program at UAMS in 2011 in addition to Mohs surgery clinics. The Department of Dermatology research laboratories are also located on this campus.

PGY-1 residents working in the Department of Internal Medicine spend four months at the UAMS Medical Center during their intern year. PGY-1 residents are also assigned to one-half day clinic per week in the UAMS Dermatology Clinic as a continuity clinic experience throughout the entire year of internship training. This new program gives a very unique opportunity for the PGY-1 dermatology residents to actively prepare for dermatology residency during their internship year and builds strong bonds between all members of our department.

PGY-2 dermatology residents are assigned to outpatient dermatology clinics and inpatient consult rotations. PGY-3 dermatology residents are assigned to outpatient dermatology clinics, inpatient consult coverage, and one month block rotations in dermatologic surgery and dermatopathology. PGY-4 dermatology residents are assigned to outpatient dermatology clinics as well as to a total of 3 month block rotations for dermatologic surgery and dermatopathology.

Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System

PGY-1 residents are assigned to the VA hospital for 8 months under direct supervision of the Internal Medicine department with 1 month rotations each in dermatology, rheumatology, and infectious diseases.  During this one month rotation in dermatology which occurs in the spring of the internship year, the PGY-1 reinforces ties that have been created during the once weekly continuity clinic experience at the UAMS clinics.

Dermatology residents (PGY-2 through PGY-4) have continuity clinics in the Dermatology Section at the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System (CAVHS).  This clinic structure is quite unique in that patients are scheduled under the name of a particular resident by the main VA scheduling system. Our residents have a real responsibility for individual patients over time and develop experience in diagnosis and long-term management of patients with both acute and chronic cutaneous disorders including significant numbers of non-melanoma skin cancers. The VA provides dedicated clinic space as well as an assigned RN or LPN for each resident during each clinic. The CAVHS rotation also provides a half-day per week outpatient dermatology surgery clinic where residents at all levels of training gain proficiency in dermatologic surgical procedures.

Arkansas Children’s Hospital

The Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) is our third training site.  Clinical rotations at ACH offer our residents an outstanding opportunity to diagnose and treat both common and unusual pediatric dermatologic conditions with our full time board certified pediatric dermtologist in the outpatient clinics and with inpatient consults. Residents are assigned to these pediatric dermatology clinics at the PGY-2, PGY-3, and PGY-4 level. No PGY-1 residents rotate at ACH.